August 10. 2021

Antonio Lucio and his most important challenge. Changing the face of marketing leadership. 
One. Company. At. A. Time

Wow, take a listen to this one.

Antonio Lucio is both brilliant and kind. He literally is able to educate, inspire and motivate all in one amazing package.

In this episode of Eureka! I get to speak with Antonio who is the Founder and Principal at 5S Diversity and the Executive fellow at the Yale School of Management. Of course, Antonio was recently the CMO for three Fortune 100 brands - Facebook, HP, and Visa (not to mention the Head of Innovation for PepsiCo).

More recently, Antonio has taken on his greatest challenge to change the face of the marketing leader and he has a whole lot to share about how he (and you) are going to help that happen. Take a listen as Antonio runs down his history, how he is approaching this very important topic and what business leaders can do (like tomorrow). I sat down with Antonio in June in NYC and he is was just as you would hope - he was deliberate, helpful, and unafraid. I know that everyone is going to really love this.

Special thanks to Verizon Media for their amazing support of this series about innovation and inspiration. As part of this episode, you can hear Iván Markman, the Chief Business Officer for Verizon Media about what he learned from being both "vertically and gravity challenged."



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