May 11, 2023

Three Things that David Sandtsröm knows about living a healthy lifestyle before 8am.

Get ready to be inspired with this episode of Three Things featuring David Sandström, CMO of Klarna. In this episode, David shares his three tips for living a healthy life before 8am. And let me tell you, it's not your typical "eat a healthy breakfast" advice.

As the CMO of a global company, David completely changed his lifestyle based on the constant pressure that his role is forced to endure. He looked at other professions that really take care of their body and considered if those ways of optimizing output could apply to him as a marketing professional. So he investigated and devised a few ways to truly perform better. And, no, he doesn't always apply the practices, but he does do these that you hear on the episode. They include fasting, taking cold showers, and working on your breath. While these habits might seem a bit unconventional, they are tried and tested methods used by professional athletes to achieve peak performance. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, David believes you too can take your physical and mental health to the next level, and become a better-performing leader in your own life and work. 

But that's not all! David also talks about Klarna's journey as a Fintech disruptor brand and speaks about how they're revolutionizing the buy now, pay later model. It's fascinating to hear how they're meeting the needs of modern-day consumers and making shopping easier and more accessible than ever before. Filmed at his home (late at night) in Stockholm, David's chill personality shines through as he shares his expertise and wisdom. If you're looking for inspiration to kickstart your day, start here!


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