August 19. 2021

STORY, the physical retail experiential store founded by Rachel Shechtman.

Rachel is a fascinating entrepreneur (and a fourth-generation retailer), who founded STORY, an experiential retail marketing store. And if you think you know the whole story about this store, you don’t. You need to hear her tell her story.

Story would flip the entire store experience, products, and theme every 6-8 weeks. And shoppers and more importantly sponsor brands just loved it and used it as an experiment to figure out how best to help their brand expand and become more visible. She came up with this idea out of a number of different influences that she reveals in this episode. Fun fact, the first STORY wasn’t even called Story! She wanted to emulate a software company and launched in beta, a first for retail everywhere.

In this episode, she speaks about where she is most creatively inspired, how the original Story came to be, and what business assumptions she needed to overcome to breathe life into her vision. Don’t forget to hang around for the speed round at the end of the episode.

Also in this episode, we get to hear from Andrea Wasserman, the Head of Global Commerce at Verizon Media about her moment of Eureka. Special thanks to Verizon Media for their amazing support of this series about innovation and inspiration.


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