August 19. 2021

Shane Snow is a brilliant person and willing to talk about the hard work that it took to be a co-founder of Contently.

In this episode, I sat down with Shane Snow who is the co-founder of the very successful content creation company Contently.

Also, Shane is on an endless search of inspiration and connection to the best humans to work with. He was even inspired to uncover how the best teams make great work in his most recent book Dream Teams - worth a read! He was generous and open and I just loved the kinds of insights he had to share.

Listen to his thoughts on "culture fit" vs "culture add," how to maximize opportunities for serendipity, his "pre-invention" of Pinterest, and how to make mistakes and not only learn from them but excel. He was kind and so himself, I just loved this conversation.

Special thanks to Verizon Media for their amazing support of this series about innovation and inspiration. As part of this episode, you can hear Jo Lambert, the Head of Consumer for Verizon Media speak about her moment of Eureka about her discovery of what really matters when it comes to an important business meeting.



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