July 25, 2021

How Superbowl Halftime Show is crafted.

…And how to make perform at the top of your game when the stakes are as high as they can be.

Todd Kaplan is a born marketer and team leader. He started off as an idea person when he recogized that his alma mater, Northwestern was using a less than optimal way to communicate with its students. Yes, Todd founded an agency to help every student find out what was going on without using the community bulletin board. It was that insight that pushed Todd into marketing and straight to Pepsi. Or PepsiCo if you prefer.

After launching LifeWTR and Bubly, Todd was given the big seat at Pepsi to craft the Superbowl Halftime Show. The pinnacle of marketing visibility and of course the most-watched live TV content on the planet. So no pressure at all.

Todd tells us all how he made the show possible during the pandemic and how he pivoted to make it an even longer more meaningful brand expression for Pepsi.

Don’t forget to hang around for the speed round at the end of the episode.

Also in this episode, we get to hear from Jen Whelan, the B2B Marketing for Verizon Media about her “phone booth moment” and how it changed her life forever. Special thanks to Verizon Media for their amazing support of this series about innovation and inspiration.


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