September 29, 2022

Three Things that Will Guidara, the former co-founder of Eleven Madison Park knows for sure about a proper Italian American Restaurant

Having been to Eleven Madison and if you have had the pleasure, you know it is a truly extraordinary and memorable experience. Will Guidara was nice enough on the heels of completing his first book, Unreasonable Hospitality, joined me on 3 Things and I was not expecting his topic..

He wanted to talk about the key factors that make an Italian American Restaurant special and awesome. I was surprised by every one of his 3 Things and I think you will be as well. 

I think that his ideas around 14 mins tell me more about his personal life and it inspired me to have just a regular Wednesday night with my wife and kids better and more fun than a special date night. Yes, we went this deep. I hope you enjoy this episode and please do let me know what you think!


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